When the Logo Tells A Story

When a new company is started, the second thing that is needed (the first being the name) is a logo. A visual to tell the story of the organization, visually engage the casual observer and entice the primary target. Sometimes this is the step where cost overrides hiring a professional to do a proper identifying mark and the phrase “Caveat Emptor” comes to mind (except for the “buying” part, if you ask your cousin’s neighbors son who likes computers to do the work). The Pub ‘n Grub is currently going through a rebranding to become a destination Philly sports bar. The previous mark (as seen below) is more Irish (by color and border art alone) and had nothing to do with anything remotely connected to a “bar”, “sports”, or “food”. I was brought on through a consulting agency and through client meetings and discussion of where they wanted to go and how they wanted to be seen visually, created the new mark in homage to Philadelphia’s sports teams. The Liberty Bell may be overused in some areas, but with this mark, it provides the backdrop necessary to frame the “PnG”. Now if you were going to pick a sports bar based on these logos alone… which would you choose?

Pub 'n Grub, before

Pub 'n Grub, after

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