Refreshing the Fashionistas

Sometimes a project just falls in your lap that is an incredible opportunity. I just happen to be friends with two fashion bloggers who are “hot” and their star is rising fast. They asked me to do a refresh of their current logo to make it more updated for their blog, My initial research took me to Fendi, Tiffany’s, Chanel and Marc Jacobs knowing how my friends have been going to the runway shows and their status as fashion critics. The new logo had to be clean, crisp and tailored, much like the fashions they were critiquing. After a few modifications and edits, the final mark was revealed to much positive acclaim. Thank you Tom & Lorenzo for entrusting to me your most prized possession.

Client quote:
With almost no input from us except a request for something fresh and more modern, shd graphics provided us with a stylish logo that instantly made our site look more streamlined and professional. The entire process couldn’t have been easier and whatever minor tweaks we suggested were implemented almost immediately. Whenever our site unveils even a small change in design, our readers usually have a hard time adjusting and have no problem voicing their complaints. The new logo unveiling was the first time in 5 years of site publishing where a change was wholeheartedly embraced by our readers. Instead of complaints, we got message after message saying, “I LOVE your new logo!”

Tom & Lorenzo, before

Tom & Lorenzo, after

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